The Historic 1811 Bemus Point-Stow Ferry

Celebrating Our 210th Season on Chautauqua Lake

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Volunteers riding the Ferry (minus the wooden deck) celebrating all the structural repairs done from 2018-2019. The Ferry is all volunteer run, repaired and maintained. We take great pride in our sweat-equity.

Our work and the donations from all of you over the years, including grants from the Chautauqua Regional Foundation and the Sheldon Foundation Board Members, keep the Ferry in service. Following the Flight of the Ferry, where Hohl Industries lifted her out, repaired the hull, and gently returned her to Chautauqua Lake at the Stow Landing, our restoration was almost complete. Just the addition of a new wooden deck, done during October, was left.

The Bemus Point Stow Ferry returns to service, her 210th season, in 2021. We look forward to old friends and new riding across the narrows with the wind in their hair, the sun warming their skin and their smiles universal, from young to old! Come ride with us. You will make memories for everyone who comes with you. Thank you for your donations.

The Bemus Point-Stow Ferry: A History

A message from Author Chris Flanders:

The books have finally arrived from the publisher. In the one week since they arrived, we have sold more than 120 of them for Christmas presents. The additional donation amounts received are so appreciated.

If you would like to have a copy or more, you can contact me, Chris, at this email: . I can either give you my address so you can pick it up and pay for it locally or, I will get your information and ship it to you for an additional $3.50. For shipping go to GoFundMe: Save the Bemus Point Stow Ferry to pay your book and shipping costs.

The price of the book is $20 per copy. More than 70% of the cost goes to the Bemus Point-Stow Ferry as a donation. I have given the book and all rights to the Ferry for the purpose of donating to the repair/maintenance fund. If you have the ability to increase your donation for the book, it will be greatly appreciated by the volunteers.

The book will be carried by several businesses in Bemus Point, including the Lawson Boat Center. The book will also be sold in locations in Stow and also in the Chautauqua Institution starting in late May. The best place to get it will be as you ride the Ferry, starting its regular schedule of Friday-Sunday, Memorial Day and throughout the summer. Come ride the Ferry!

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The Ferry is operated by The Bemus Point Stow Ferry, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

Your Donations keep the ferry running, thank you.

Mail donations to:

The Bemus Point Stow Ferry

PO Box 399

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